Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's Baby Booties - Pattern

Use buttons for newborns at your own risk, and surely not for razor toothed teethers. :)

I was so pleased when I found these vintage buttons in my stash.   Ready made unifier. 

The first pair I made from this pattern.
I recommend cutting on the outer line.
You choose, but the inner line produces a very tiny bootie that is less fun to work with.
  You can choose which bootie back you would like to use.
I have done a tutorial on the bootie back that is tied with ribbon or shoe laces.  I hope to get back to this one soon and do one for the one you see above.
Published originally on 11/18/10


  1. I LOVE little baby booties. You are so very talented! Ever thought of opening a shop? :)

  2. You should be proud, you did an awesome job Cheryl! They are so cute.

  3. Thanks Julie and Sue. I am sure the competition would be stiff. :o)