Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's Baby Booties - Pattern

Use buttons for newborns at your own risk, and surely not for razor toothed teethers. :)

I was so pleased when I found these vintage buttons in my stash.   Ready made unifier. 

The first pair I made from this pattern.
I recommend cutting on the outer line.
You choose, but the inner line produces a very tiny bootie that is less fun to work with.
  You can choose which bootie back you would like to use.
I have done a tutorial on the bootie back that is tied with ribbon or shoe laces.  I hope to get back to this one soon and do one for the one you see above.
Published originally on 11/18/10

Update - Video to help Jackie



  1. I LOVE little baby booties. You are so very talented! Ever thought of opening a shop? :)

  2. You should be proud, you did an awesome job Cheryl! They are so cute.

  3. Thanks Julie and Sue. I am sure the competition would be stiff. :o)

  4. I printed out the pattern and for the life of me, and looking at the tutorial, i cant figure out how you are putting the pieces together! HELP! The piece that has the elastic goes across the tongue or in the back?

    1. Jackie, Let me see if I have a pair in progress in my bootie box. I'll add an update.